How to turn a news article into prayer

I wrote this poem on reading this extraordinary news article this morning:

How to turn a news article into prayer


Slow your reading

Question – who’s voice? Who stands to gain? Where does power lie? Who or what is hidden?

Slow your reading

Re-read what is key

Engage compassion

Deploy generous, indiscriminate empathy; an Exocet missile of love

Notice – what do you notice? What phrases, images, feelings does this evoke?

Embody; craft a posture of response

Meditate; be still



Thoughts about this poem… One of the paradoxes about contemplation is that it always dances with action. The one leads to the other and back again. They do-si-do and whirl around together in the most beautiful way.

The end of the news article above quoted activist Claire Faggianelli saying to us in Europe:

“Look, we have been yelling at you for years now. There is something that shouldn’t be happening at the very borders of Europe, and you close your eyes to it. Wake up!”

Claire Faggianelli, quoted in Guardian article about Banksy-funded refugee rescue ship 27/08/2020

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