Feeling stuck?

Facing choices and wondering which path to take?

Needing space to think?

If any of the above applies to you, then a coaching conversation could really help. Coaching is not about being told what to do or how to do it. It’s about having someone to help you think things through and work out the next steps you want to take.

Coaching can be about any aspect of your life or work. I currently coach face to face, or using FaceTime, WhatsApp or Zoom video calls or phone calls.

For a chat to ask questions or to explore possibilities, email me on or find me on Facebook (search for Ali Dorey).

What my clients say:

Since beginning to meet with Ali I am finding my voice. (I didn’t realise I’d lost it, but there you go!)

Suzette, Pioneer Minister

Ali provides a safe space to explore many areas of your life. She takes the time to listen and fully understand then offers excellent questions that change the way I had been thinking about the problem or situation. I have found her so useful in developing in my work but also gained insights useful for my whole life.

Anna Bland, Development Officer

…the most important thing you did was to give me the relational space and time in which to verbalise what’s going on in my life/mind, and to actively listen. The power of just listening is huge.

Paul Arnesen

I just wanted to recommend coaching I’ve had with Ali Dorey…It’s given me confidence to stick to my guns around priorities for my work and helped me feel more positive in my identity as a priest/pioneer/child of God. Previously I’d felt it was something to try and avoid mentioning but now can see it much more positively! It’s also helped link me into other groups and been a huge help during lockdown.