This made my day

I woke unusually early this morning to find this wonderful message waiting for me on Facebook. I stayed in Thanh’s Mum’s homestay in Ninh Binh in Vietnam when I was travelling last year. It was a really beautiful place in terms of the scenery, but they were also a wonderful family to stay with. If Vietnam listens to the wisdom of its young women, and enables them to live their dreams, who knows what might be achieved…?

Here are some more of my photos from this beautiful place…

Thanh is the young lady in the middle here
The river and rock face at the bottom of
Mai Spa Homestay garden

After sharing this post I looked more closely at the postmark saying it had been missent, and realised it had actually travelled pretty much all the way around the world. This map shows the geography. I sent it from the UK then it went to the British Virgin Islands, then finally to its proper destination in Vietnam. Wow. I am so amazed it actually arrived in the correct place in the end!!

One thought on “This made my day

  1. I only realised a while after posting this by looking more closely at the red stamp that this card went from the UK to the British Virgin Islands and finally to Vietnam! Wow! It must be the most well travelled item of postage there has been in a while! 😲


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