Autumn Glory

This year I am really noticing all the beautiful colourful leaves on the trees and on the ground, and the delightful bright éclat of blue, yellow, gold, green and surprisingly red red. To my mind, the French word expresses so much better than any English one the brilliance of the yellow leaves against the blue sky. It feels like the colours and shapes physically strike my eyes, momentarily stunning me. They keep tempting me to linger for a longer look at the whole scene.

Damflask Reservoir

The sky is more white than blue today, but still all kinds of colour abound. This time last year I had just begun my round the world trip, and I was in warm places well away from all this autumn glory. I really missed it! I remember how relieved and delighted I was when I reached Switzerland at the end of November to find the last vestiges of a golden leaved autumn were still in evidence, although winter was fast approaching.

So this year I am delighted to be fully present here, among the beautiful leaves and skies of my home. Sheffield does a good line in bright, brisk autumnal sky-blue days. There is much that is wrong with the world, but this remains such a joy.

I discovered this plant in our garden is called “Autumn Joy”

4 thoughts on “Autumn Glory

  1. Nice eye on those photos. Picking on any one for praise feels like diminishing the set, but I really like the way the metal blade on the peeler makes the apples pop, though I would never have spotted it myself.

    You brought me to mind of driving in the twilight hour, when the background illumination is low enough for my eyes to open wide and let in the bold contrasts and colors thrown from the street lights and headlights. Some people say they have the most trouble seeing at that time but I feel it’s when I see the best. Presumably the symmetrically crepuscular hour in the morning should work the same way. Maybe if you’re a cat.

    I paid my California taxes, so where’s *my* blue sky? The air quality is apparently Good today. Wow, we haven’t seen that, even fleetingly, for a week. I wonder if it will last. We haven’t had two days of good air in a row for more than a month. I should get off the computer and on me bike.

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  2. Gosh no good air and blue skies even in California. Presumably that’s the ongoing result of the wild fires? I guess it’s a moment to be glad your house is still intact though?! Can’t imagine having to evacuate and coming back to a burnt shell. Although I don’t think we should get too attached to material things, that would be an awful thing. May your blue skies return and the air become clean and clear again soon. I long for all the traffic to stop again. (It did here during our initial lockdown in April.) Then the air might actually properly clear.


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