Delicious world cuisine

Foodies, you’re going to love these next few posts. I’m just going to picture the best I tasted in each place.


Basel leckerli as recommended by my brother. Delicious sweet sort of gingerbread type things but instead of ginger the flavour is more orange zesty and a bit lebkuchen-esque. And they have a thin layer of what tastes like water icing on top as well:

It’s very difficult to be veggie in Switzerland, and nearly impossible to be vegan (well, I exaggerate, but it is tricky). There’s just too much cheese and cream and meat about! For my last dinner of the tour I did have veal in a creamy sauce with chillis along with the salad and chips:

Raclette cheese 👆🏼melted to order at the table using a little grill thing and then poured over new potatoes. With salad and gherkins.

Flammkuchen; a kind of very thin pizza with bacon, cream and characteristically stinky Swiss Munster cheese melted on top:

Chocolate orange cake at the convent:

This was a lovely aubergine dish in a Turkish restaurant in Switzerland. Apart from the dipping sauces I expect it was probably vegan. And delicious!:

Beer is what is drunk in Basel. Other drinks are available, but, well, why not? Apparently, the MacDonald’s in the centre of the city opposite the fancy town hall is the only MacDonalds that sells beer. Or at least it was a couple of decades ago when my brother lived here. I was going to investigate but then ran out of time.

I do enjoy a good breakfast/brunch. Since I arrived in Switzerland at 7am, I took myself into Zürich and treated myself to this delicious breakfast at a lovely old fashioned café. I particularly love Bircher muesli (usually consisting of oats and grated apple soaked in yoghurt overnight, with other seeds or dried fruits or fresh berries or pomegranate seeds sometimes added as toppings). This is the most pink Bircher I’ve ever seen! It tasted delicious though.

We had quite a few delicious meals at the convent, too, but it somehow didn’t feel quite right taking photos of them! There were a lot of spätzle based dishes (a type of pasta), and quite a bit of meat, and always plenty of salad or vegetables to go with them.

2 thoughts on “Delicious world cuisine

  1. Does MaccyDs serve beer in Britain these days? The one am Barfi surely wasn’t the only one with beer, though it might have been the main one I patronized in Basel, after being disconcerted by a sixteen year old toting an assault rifle in the one by the Bahnhof. I enjoyed giving them the one thousand Franc note that was roughly my month’s wages in exchange for a McChicken, imagining a British branch calling the manager and trying to check whether I was passing off a forgery, before undoubtedly refusing my custom. They didn’t bat an eyelid. Because Switzerland.

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    1. 😲 yes Delia thought paying with such a high denomination note would probably would be a problem these days. Times are achanging… No MaccyDs selling beer here to my knowledge, but I wanted to double check whether they still sold it in Basel. You were there a looooong time ago remember? 😉


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