The best place to eat out in the world

🥇 Singapore is the place to go if you want to eat really interesting and very tasty food at rock bottom prices. Look no further foodies! Here is your heaven:

Huge papaya. I didn’t try one. Not quite sure how to handle it! More a family feast I guess, but I think they were selling it sliced in manageable portions. I was just amazed at the size of them:

Young coconuts minus the shell. I frequently saw people drinking coconut milk with a straw from these:The pink things below are dragon fruit. I’d only ever had one of those before in the UK and it was horrible! But in Singapore, they’re riper and sweeter as well as spectacular to look at. Inside they have white flesh flecked with black seeds throughout. All of which is edible and tastes slightly sweet. They were so much nicer here. I had been so disappointed with the one I had in England years ago. It was tasteless and had a texture similar to boiled potato, which was a massive let down having admired the look of it!:There are some really artistic cakes on sale in the malls in Singapore:Japanese style mochi (a kind of pastry filled with a delicately sweet bean curd, I think):You do get westernised food in Singapore, too, though it’s often more expensive. This was my smashed avocado on toast with lime, chilli flakes, toasted pine nuts and poached egg. Very hipster!:From a traditional outdoor hawker centre this was mushroom noodle soup. They sprinkled fried anchovies on top:The best veggie curry ever. Served on what I guess is a banana leaf. Ooooh it was gooooood:Calamansi juice. (A type of green skinned sweet lime, that tastes more like orange to me):The following 4 pictures were all elements of the same meal…

Some kind of greens, delicious:Chicken roasted in some very tasty way. I guess it must be a marinade? (And a little bit of pork too at the top of the picture):“Nonya style” Achar pickles (also delicious);Chilli sauce. Shiv said if the chilli sauce was bad, it could ruin the whole dish. This one was goooood:Then there was the rice to go with all the above, which is the classic Singaporean dish, chicken rice. The rice tastes amazing, cooked in the juices from the chicken. But it just looks like normal rice, so I didn’t bother getting a picture.

This was a traditional sweet, warm egg tart from Chinatown in Singapore and some green tea. The pastry was melt in the mouth:Hawker Chan’s Michelin starred chicken rice, with seasonal green veg. And the unfeasibly small bill:Kopi a kind of coffee made with condensed milk. Which tastes surprisingly nice:Some more western food. This was my treat following braving the high swing bridge type thing at the super tree skywalk at Gardens by The Bay:Veggie bento box. Including soup, green beans, chilli sauce, potato curry, rice:Veggie gyoza (dumplings):

3 thoughts on “The best place to eat out in the world

  1. Yum! Must go back to Pow Sing – the pickle is called Achar (Nonya style). It might be my December project, learning how to make a good Achar so I can eat it by the bowlful.

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