Owaka & The Catlins

We stayed one night in an Airbnb in Owaka that had really awesome morning views over the river and lake:

This 👇🏼 is about a minute long silent (Apart from a dog barking and birdsong) video of the view. It makes a lovely moment of wonder and reflection, should you enjoy such a thing:

Apparently the Australian company that makes the reduced cream you use to make “kiwi dip” is stopping producing it. This was the information we found out in the Four Square mini market in Bluff. There was great consternation at the checkout! Once the footie’s over I think the kiwis will have to mount a revolt. And maybe start producing it themselves being one of the world’s largest dairy producers presumably that’s not beyond the realms of possibility (as all kiwis I meet keep drily observing to me). Chippies and kiwi dip is apparently a national institution in NZ. Very tasty it is too!

The reality of being off the beaten track in sleepy Owaka took us a bit by surprise. There was no breakfast venue open at 9am, or much choice for dinner in the evening. On both occasions we were saved by the Four Square mini market. And in the morning also by the surprisingly chic coffee bar that was open. The guy gave us tips about seal sighting while he made immaculate mocha, long black and flat white coffees for us. The availability of extremely good coffee in NZ even in real backwater places is really extraordinary. I tried to explain to Stu and Tash the concept of a greasy spoon café that such a place might have in England. I’m not sure if they had any real concept of how awful the instant coffee there would be.

5 thoughts on “Owaka & The Catlins

  1. Ohhh the Catlins! The most quiet and beautiful place in a quiet and beautiful country (except for the bull elephant seals which were huge and noisy and very smelly!).


  2. I reckon I could hear one of those bull seals in the background of your quiet contemplation video. It sounded like it was going carpentry.

    Will have to tell Stu and Tash that, in this house, the smell of a dead skunk in the road is known as “Sheffield coffee”. That should give them some idea.


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