Nugget Point & Roaring Bay

We made a little evening excursion out to see the unusual rocks and lighthouse at Nugget Point, and saw a seal too.

On the way back to the car, we saw numerous examples of trees rooted into the virtually vertical cliff edge. The rain enables the trees to grow really well, but then they become so heavy that when the ice comes it gets in the cracks in the rocks made by the roots and sometimes huge chunks of rock and tree break off and create a landslide down to the sea.

Tash suggested there must be a lesson in this for a vicar like me to use. I’m mulling that one over. Maybe something about where you put your roots being important, even if everything is going well on the surface? I would say from my experience and from the stories of people I’ve met even on this trip, life can sometimes, in one fell swoop, knock you for six (cause a landslide), even when on the surface everything looks green and lovely. That sounds a bit doom laden, but it needn’t be. I think it’s a question of thinking carefully about where we put our roots down. Which we, unlike the trees, have a choice over, of course. Hmmm…

To get the scale of the cliff face, that’s a couple of people standing at the viewpoint at the top left hand corner👇🏼

We continued onto Roaring Bay to the hide at dusk to see whether we could catch a glimpse of the incredibly shy and rare yellow eyed penguins. Stu managed to get a picture of one with his superduper lens. I saw it through some binoculars, preening away, briefly and then it was gone.

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