We continued south, through Cadrona (a ski field) with its pub that, like so many things here is “world famous in New Zealand”! Cadrona used to be the only way into Queenstown, so this pub was where people could stop and change horses etc.

Opposite the pub there is this extraordinary fence, which exists to raise awareness and funding for breast cancer. Having suffered from breast cancer myself, I was very happy to pop some cash in the box and take this photo. Everything here is in a huge scale, the number of donated bras is no exception!

From here, we climbed through the distinctive Crowne Range, with its golden green grass and steep, smooth hills on either side of the valley.

After a while of driving through this beautiful landscape, we reached the top and the lookout that was supposed to be the most spectacular view we’d seen yet. This was what we saw…

My aunt and uncle went a bit quiet at this point, fearing that it might be so cloudy that we wouldn’t get to see the view they knew was there. But moments later, we descended beneath the cloud and, moment by moment on our descent into Queenstown, this awesomeness greeted us:

Welcome to Queenstown. Obligatory jaw drop 😲

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