A Grandmothers’ day

As I had to do some washing, Sr Delia suggested we spent what she called a “Grandmothers’ day” in and around the convent. We began with a very late breakfast (yesss!) which developed into a fascinating conversation with Jessica, who directs the convent choir, plays the organ and does innumerable other musical things extremely well here part time, as well as working as a professional musician in the city and beyond. Jessica is British, but has lived here for quite some time. An incredible privilege to meet such a talented person and exchange thoughts on so many things about the music industry, the church, hierarchical structures, politics, climate change, you name it!

Later in the day, we went for a little walk nearby and then Delia taught me how to make beeswax candles. At one point while we were waiting for the wax to cool, we popped into the convent café for Kaffee (in my case Tee!) und Kuchen. When in Rome…

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