Wildlife you see when you’re still

Continuing my thoughts about stillness and wildlife, here are some of the extraordinary beasts I’ve seen in Vietnam when I’ve been still enough for long enough. None of these are my own photos, as I am abysmal at getting photos of small flying things, or things that whizz past while I’m cycling.

This first one shot across the river right in front of me while I was sitting relaxing, in a flash of bright sapphire. I can’t believe it’s actually quite common here! In England our kingfishers are very rare, and not so completely brightly strikingly blue all over, though they are beautiful.

Blue eared kingfisher (very common here)
Red dragonfly (there were loads at Hàng Mua)

Blue damselfly
Water Buffalo

And butterflies – there have been loads, and of different types. These pictures are all borrowed from the same website (credit at the bottom of most):

2 thoughts on “Wildlife you see when you’re still

  1. I thought bovines were the third most dangerous animal but they don’t even make the top ten at https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_deadliest_animals_to_humans, of which everything outside the seemingly uncontroversial top four made me “huh?”. Busy worrying about lions or spiders? (No, Gboard, not “spouses”, though they might merit such a position!) Bzzt, who knew that one of humans’ greatest natural predators was a snail?

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