Sacred places

This morning I read “There is no division between sacred and secular. There are only sacred and desecrated places.” (Celtic Daily Prayer Book 2) With all the talk about climate crisis I am only just now realising that all places here are sacred. But all are at risk of desecration.

I live in part of a city where there is a lot of poverty. I just bumped into someone who I’ve not seen for ages. It was a delight to see his smile again. I remarked to him that he was looking really trim as he’d lost a lot of weight. He told me he’s now living off scraps mostly. This was moments after I’d taken the photo above.

Wherever we are, whatever it looks like on the surface, I guess there is potential for desecration and there is sacredness. Today I’m praying for structures to shift so those struggling can find ease, food, shelter and find again their deep knowledge that they, too, are sacred. And that this will apply to all beings in creation, not just human beings.

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