The stars are not in lockdown

This phrase came to me as a gift from a nun who had heard one of her sisters say it during the first lockdown. It inspired our « Advent window » for a local advent calendar window trail, and the theme of stars has lingered in my mind in the run up to Christmas. Anyway, here is our rather magnificent window (if I do say so myself):

Spot Godzilla’s long lost cousin, and a rogue tree…

It took 3 of us adults about 4 days to design and assemble this window. I realise that, before I had cancer, I would never have allowed myself 4 whole days off work to do something this creative. In fact, I probably wouldn’t have had enough time off work to have cultivated such a level of friendship with people around me who would have the connectedness locally to have heard about this and the artistic skills to be able to inspire something this fabulous.

I am grateful for the rearranging of priorities that continues in my life. Having cancer was obviously an awful thing. But being made to stop and drop everything for a while, including others’ expectations of me and my own expectations of myself; that was A Very Good Thing.

In my experience you have to stop for quite a while before the dust clears enough for you to be able to see what’s important.

Anyway, for now, I wish everyone reading this a good Christmas season, and maybe at the end of this strange year perhaps some time to stop and re evaluate whatever needs re evaluating. And may all those who are lonely somehow find some point of connection 🙏💕

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