Lockdown L words

Lockdown lard 😋 – no explanation needed!

Lockdown lassitude 😴 – when you just. Can’t. Be. Bothered!

Lockdown leftovers – again, 😋

Lockdown lollies – again, 😋 the reason for the lard

Lockdown lazy days – when you just. Can’t. Get. Your. Act. Together (and decide to go with it).

Lockdown legs 🦵- more lardy than usual, may also be unaccustomed to any movement whatsoever

Lockdown liberties – this is when, let’s admit it, we take liberties, as in, “It’s Covid-lockdown-brain… I couldn’t help it/I just forgot/I was Zoomed out/I just can’t seem to get organised these days…” etc etc (delete/edit as applicable)

Lockdown lawns – how do they grow so quickly? How?? And why do I not have time to mow them when most social engagements have disappeared from my diary??? Why???!

I have many other Lockdown L words… if you’d like me to add more, like this post…! And feel free to suggest some of your own, of course…

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