Emerging hopes

After my previous couple of posts, here’s something more positive! Without at all wishing to downplay the awfulness of it all, there are good things beginning to emerge in the midst of this pandemic. One of the things that I’m finding particularly helpful is how people are starting to ask some really good questions. My previous post reflected on questions and thoughts coming from a place of anxiety. Here are some questions and thoughts that I think are emerging from a more positive place. These are opening up a space, tentatively beginning to explore possibilities and potential for a new world, which is why I love them. Thanks to everyone who has contributed one of them – albeit probably unwittingly!

How is this pandemic / lockdown changing me / us for better?

What are we learning from this situation?

I am suddenly aware that I need to show physical affection, but I can’t at the moment, and it’s really difficult. I realise now my need to hug people is not so much about other people’s need to be hugged, but about my need for physical contact.

How can I find rest in this time?

Can we begin to accept this season as a gift? Even while we know that for other people it is a terrible time of grief, fear, exhaustion and loss?

Suddenly, there’s nothing in my diary, and I feel free.

Could we find a way of sharing resources better in a simple way – like introducing a universal basic income or something like that?

I’m realising now that Universal Credit is not enough to live on. How did we get to the point where we expected our most vulnerable people to live on not enough? How can we make sure we never do that again?

What or who is it we’re longing for?

What is it we are dreaming of? Can we dream up a better future? What might it look like?

We’re suddenly finding that we’re having deeper conversations with friends and family than we had before. Even though they’re happening online, which is not as good as face to face conversations, the situation is making people question things more, and get to the heart of stuff, as all the surface distractions have been removed.

What risks is it good to take?

I’m realising that it’s all about people and relationships. It’s not really about tasks and action at all. When all the tasks and action end, the people and the relationships remain. I sort of always knew that’s what’s most important, but I didn’t dare say it before. But now I can say it.

“It is human to believe that we are in control and we have the answers when, usually, we aren’t and we don’t.” (This was a really striking sentence a recent course participant wrote in an assignment about the mission of God. What a gift!)

I think I am learning to let go. It swings between being very liberating, and quite scary!

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