Recognising the times

Someone shared this really helpful article “That discomfort you’re feeling is grief” (from the Harvard Business Review), with reflections on the pandemic and our current responses to it. It offers some ideas that address my discombobulation that I mentioned in my post Doh. Worth a read:

…and here is such a wonderfully Italian musical response to the situation that I am finding so uplifting this morning. Listen and be transported and heartened:

Here’s a link with the translation of the lyrics. No wonder it resonates so much. The whole opera is set during the Babylonian exile of the Jews, when their question was, “How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?”. This piece (from Verdi’s opera Nabucco) is known in English as The Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves, struggling with their difficult reality. They wouldn’t have known if/when their struggle might end. Translation here:

2 thoughts on “Recognising the times

  1. I guess fear is “anticipatory grief” when you think your coauthor’s family can grant you the right to change what “grief” means. We’re the first generation to introspect, orly owl? I’m not angry at the blithering shitgibbon, I’m in stage 2 grief for the hundreds of thousands who are needlessly going to die because hope is not a flyable plan. Well, yes, that too.

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