Brexit day

“To walk away from the European Union as a member state is a source of real grief. It’s not simply turning our back on one of the greatest projects of peace and reconciliation the world has ever seen…” Michael Sadgrove’s moving, insightful and profound account of the significance of this day not only for him personally (as for so many whose parents/grandparents or who themselves are from other EU nations), but also for us collectively.

He points out how doubly poignant this is, falling as it does within a week of Holocaust Memorial Day. His mother, who died only recently, was a Jew from Germany. I myself am descended from Jewish family who fled the pogroms in Poland and found sanctuary in England.

In the midst of Brexit I feel we’ve lost sight of what the EU thing was about. To my mind, it was part of the ongoing reflective response to an age of terrible World Wars. Part of a pact of nations with one another that we would never let one of our political leaders cause such devastation, persecution and death again. I hope we can retrieve our commitment to big scale teamwork and compassion for people from other places in spite of this sea change.

In the meantime, I am sad today. And I send love to all my friends and relatives who live in other countries and parts of the world. That which unites us is stronger than that which divides us. May it ever more be so, inspite of our current reality ❤️

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