…in a white out! Well that was quite an experience!! Some of my photos would’ve been like this:

…if I’d bothered to take them. But then occasionally the mist and cloud lifted so we could see stuff. It’s really unnerving when you literally can’t tell that the land you’re stepping onto is significantly lower than where you were before, because everything is so completely white (even with sunglasses on)!

With the snowshoes it’s possible to walk on terrain you’d never manage otherwise. It was great to try a different method of getting from A to B than skiing or snowboarding (or slipping and sliding!). I can ski. Sort of. But I’m not confident, so was happy to give it a miss, as was Liz. But in today’s whiteout I don’t think skiing would’ve been much fun for anyone anyway.

The normally beautiful view from the flat was reduced to this this morning:

But undaunted, we headed out:

Thank goodness for the shuttle buses that pick you up and drop you off at stops all along the major ski and walking routes for free. I thought the snowshoes would be quite small, but of course the point is really to spread your body weight over a wider area. I felt like I was walking like a duck or something most of the time, but it really means you can enjoy walking with no worries about slipping and sliding everywhere or ending up stuck in the deep snow drifts. I’ve no idea how deep the snow was today. At no point did my feet or the walking poles hit the ground beneath it. I don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere with this much snow before!

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