My last stop

Well. This whole trip has felt a bit like when I toured New Zealand with my Aunt and Uncle, and whenever I said “Wow!” at the view, Ken kept chuckling and saying “You ain’t seen nothing yet”. I have arrived in Arosa in the Swiss Alps for a few days with my good friend Liz and her husband Phil. You will not be surprised that I have pretty much spent the whole time here so far with my jaw on the floor. It even snowed especially for our arrival! Here are some pictures.

The bridge we went over on the train (one of several):

The view from the bridge:

And other views here:

Wiener Schnitzel:

And Capuns (a kind of Swiss version of stuffed vine leaves only they’re chard leaves, and stuffed with a kind of pastry mixed with bacon, cream and cheese, in a very Swiss cheesey creamy sauce 😋):

2 thoughts on “My last stop

  1. I see the gray in Graubünden is from cloth rather than weather, which would have been manifestly unjust by comparison to dingy Basel. Just look at that sky, pfworr! I don’t see Kermit the Ski Jacket in any of the pictures…

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    1. No I didn’t bring ski wear – quite relieved that Liz can ski but is not the greatest fan of it at the mo, so we’ve been exploring the many wonderful walking trails 😁👍🏻💕


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