A small world

Would you believe it, over lunch on Sunday, I ended up sitting on the same table as another English guest… who turns out to also be from Sheffield, a member of a church of which my friend is the vicar, and, with her husband a great supporter of a community initiative run by a friend and colleague of mine.

Here is Ruth, who was staying in the convent just for the weekend, to present a paper (at a conference organised by Stadtmission Basel) about her Father’s friendship with Dietrich Bonhoeffer in between the two world wars:

And then, after choir practice, where I was enthusiastically welcomed as a one off singer, I discovered that Sister Gertrude, who I’d just been singing next to all evening, had been an au pair for a vicar in Sharrow, in Sheffield in the 1960s.

And yet another of the sisters came to England a long time ago and lived and worked for a while in the town where I was born.

Well, you travel all the way round the world, stop off at a convent in Basel for a week, and meet people from home (or who at least lived in your home town at one time). Who knew?!