Gardens by the Bay

I saved the most dramatic thing until my last full day here. Not much to say, except I thought I’d done with the walking up high on stuff that’s swinging but apparently not! Soon after I’d done the Supertree “Skywalk”, I found myself in the Cloud Forest, going up yet another lift and then walking along another vertiginous narrow path, though this one was more solid feeling. I hope nothing like that awaits me in Switzerland. With practice, I think I’ve actually become more scared rather than less! (Maybe it’s an age thing?)

Anyway, photos of the glorious greenness. And also to comment that there was some really good, well presented stuff on climate change too.

First glimpse of a Supertree:

That, up there, is the skywalk (enough to give me collywobbles just looking at it!):

These next two pictures were taken from the Skywalk. I was so wobbly, though, and paranoid that I’d drop my phone over the edge, that I put it away until the end (the next photo) when I managed to get a worried looking selfie and a couple of other pictures of the view:

All the way along the Skywalk, there was a queue of people in front of me waking four slow steps and then stopping to take yet another selfie in front of another view! Meanwhile, I was hanging on to the handrail and gritting my teeth, saying inside my head (“Noooo! Not another selfie!! When are you ever going to look at all these pictures of yourself???”). In the background of this photo you can see the rest of the Skywalk behind me and the little people on it. It is pretty long (especially doing the “4 steps selfie” dance while having collywobbles! 😆):

Not sure what to make of that sculpture👆🏼

Another Cannonball tree like the one I saw in Penang:

I love these trees, and lo and behold, they’re called Traveller’s Palm!👇🏼

Baobabs; bottle trees whose trunks swell to store water so they can survive long periods of drought:

I love these “bird of paradise” plants. I saw quite a few in NZ and Australia as well as here:

Amazonian orchids:

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