Southern Ridges Walk

When I first arrived in Singapore (before all my travels in Vietnam and Malaysia), one evening, Jamie announced that he was taking the kids and one of T’s friends on a 10km walk the next day if I’d like to come. They’d be leaving at 7:45am 😳😳😳 Oh my goodness! That’s early. But, as he explained, it would mean that we would be done by 11am ish, which is really what you want to get with the programme about if you’re going to enjoy being in Singapore. I now understand what he meant! The humidity makes walking very impractical after mid morning.

Anyway, the Southern Ridges Walk was a beautiful introduction to Singapore for me. It’s a way of walking the length of three neighbouring parks, including a lovely high up treetop walk, where you have some great views.

Look at all those ants! (We also saw a monkey, but I wasn’t quick enough to get a photo of him).

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