Breakfast in Hanoi

I normally feel a bit trapped by plans if they’re too, well, planned, if you know what I mean. And the making of plans does my head in! Especially in the travelling situation as, until you’ve been there, how can you really know what to plan?? You can end up flicking through trip advisor and lonely planet guides (very grateful for both, but…) for so long you miss the getting out, wandering about, absorbing the atmosphere, noticing what this place seems to be reminding you of or challenging you with.

But this morning, as I only really have today in Hanoi, I am engaging with the merits of planning. While keeping an open mind and open eyes and ears, of course…

Here’s my view from the rooftop restaurant in the hotel:

This fruit 👇🏼 was a welcome follow on from the omelette. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to steel myself for veggie pho with chillis first thing in the morning?? The white thing I’ve taken a bite out of is some kind of delicately flavoured pear. And the orange with the green skin was deliciously sweet and juicy. Good to know, as I’ve been looking at those pear things and green oranges and wondering what they were!

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