Arriving in Singapore

I’m told that Singapore has a similar sized population to New Zealand. Which seems ok until you realise that they all live on an area roughly the size of Lake Taupo. Don’t get me wrong; Taupo is big, for a lake. But for a country…? Well, I’ll find out how all that works soon enough no doubt.

Here’s some views from the Southern Ridges 10km walk (we set off at 7:45am to get this in before the humidity became unbearable):

Anyway, I have just arrived here and am having a couple of days to catch up with myself and make bookings to organise my journey across SE Asia, which begins tomorrow! My wonderful hosts Shiv and Jamie and their children have made me feel so welcome already, it’s tempting to not leave!! But the plan is to leave tomorrow and backpack round some of Vietnam and Malaysia, then return here to spend my last week exploring Singapore.

I’m hoping I can keep up with the blogging as I go on this leg of the journey. Hmmm we shall see about that!

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