Back to NZ: The Mirror Lakes

We left Knobs Flat, stopping off to admire the “Mirror Lakes” (ox bow lakes formed by the meanders of the river eventually becoming so twisty that little lakes end up cut off where the bends were – I remember that from my school geography lessons about glaciation) en route back to Te Anau.

Here are the Mirror Lakes in all their glory:

On our way back to Te Anau, we couldn’t resist stopping in a lay-by or two where we’d stopped two days before, seeing the altered views with the clearer weather:

2 thoughts on “Back to NZ: The Mirror Lakes

    1. On the second one you can see the snow capped mountain just peeking out from the cloud in the reflection (I thought it was actually clearer seen in the water than above it so didn’t bother with taking the mountain itself)


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