An Intro to Auckland

Our first explorations of Auckland began with this deliciousness. Homemade blueberry pancakes with grilled banana drizzled with maple syrup. I can confirm that my aunt is a genius in the kitchen!

After that we had a short drive and walk to Devonport ferry terminal to catch the boat across to Auckland CBD. “CBD” (central business district) is a common phrase people use for city centres here. (In the UK I’ve only ever heard this in geography lessons!)

Walking to the ferry terminal we saw these weird trees. The stuff hanging off the branches that looks like ready made broomsticks is actually part of the root system of the tree. It grows so long it eventually reaches the ground and plants itself again. This tree has been given a haircut so it’s easier to walk under it.

The view across to Auckland CBD before our incredibly fast ferry ride.

Next up was the famous Sky Tower (the tallest building above). A chance to get awesome 360 degree views of the city and all the surrounding seas (I hadn’t fully appreciated how narrow and surrounded by sea Auckland is. In a couple of points it’s only attached to the mainland by a strip of land barely wider than the road!).

Standing at the base of the Sky Tower I looked up and, well, you tell me, is this wobbling or what??

I have to say it was pretty scary up there. The views can’t convey it really but here are some anyway:

(Thanks cousin Stuart for this one which is way better quality than mine! 👆🏼)

I have to say, 38mm does not seem thick enough to be safe at this height!!

We went to Auckland on a Friday, so we saw a lot of young people on the way who were demonstrating for climate action. The whole climate change conversation has been significant so far everywhere I’ve gone. Whatever your opinion is, I have to salute Greta Thunberg, who has our attention and has got loads more of us talking and thinking. About which more later, but for now, some pics…

Having had a quick look around Auckland, we retreated back to the relative quietness of Devonport for perfectly formed afternoon coffees. (When in New Zealand…)

My cousin Stuart ordered an iced coffee and was rewarded with this splendid affogato. Not bad eh? 😋

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