Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is just on the state boundary of California and Nevada, about 4 hours’ drive from San José where my brother and sister in law live. It’s such a beautiful place that both states have fought over the boundary line for a looong time. The lake is the biggest alpine lake in N America, and is 1000 feet deep in most places, famous for the clarity of the water.

In the winter this area is famous for its skiing. As the thought of skiing still strikes fear into my heart after the last time when I hurtled out of control round a bend and nearly mowed down a row of kiddies in the middle of their ski lesson, I must confess I am glad that it’s not ski season yet.

We came here for the walking this time. Specifically to climb Relay Peak from a trailhead on the Tahoe Rim Trail. Relay Peak is 10338 feet from sea level. That’s nearly three times the height of Snowdon 😲 We weren’t climbing it from sea level though! We climbed 1754 feet (about half the height of Snowdon) though, which I thought was pretty impressive.

We could all feel the altitude especially near the top. Although it was a hot day (maybe about 26 degrees Celsius), we passed a few patches of snow on the way up.

Only when we got to the very top could we see back over towards the huge lake…

There were loads of butterflies of various kinds on our route and huge grasshoppers making surprisingly loud sound with their stridulation (thanks Martin for the vocab lesson). There were also some beautifully delicate looking alpine flowers. As we climbed, and I found the climb increasingly physically challenging, it seemed to me that the butterflies, grasshoppers, little alpine plants and big pine trees were cheering me on, somehow. “Keep going, there’s more beauty to see up here yet…”

We decided to follow our dad’s favourite trick of doing a circular route. We were rewarded with some spectacular views on the way down…

10.5 miles (or 12.2 according to my phone!) and a lot of climbing, and we were all pretty stiff and grateful to get into an air conditioned car.

Our awesome day was rounded off by a delicious meal at a French Bistrôt nearby during which I confess I reneged wholesale on the veggie cause. Oh my! 😋 Moderation in all things. Except this meal was anything but moderate!! Here are some mouth watering highlights…

5 thoughts on “Lake Tahoe

  1. > thanks Martin for the vocal lesson

    Perhaps “vocab”?

    I hadn’t realized how good some of your photos were. Nice lens flare.


  2. Looks amazing. I am enjoying your adventures via the blog and contemplating my own both past, present and future. Lots of love to you. X


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