Where to…?

Here’s a map showing the route I’ll take for my Big Trip around the world. In each place I’m staying with friends and family, apart from my little backpacking adventure in SE Asia. The UK is ridiculously big and central on this map of course. Hmmm… I think I’m about to be reminded that we are really not that big or central.

Leaving in the midst of the threat of a “no deal” Brexit crash out of the EU is… interesting. At the recommendation of my cousin’s daughter, I’ve just watched John Oliver’s 22 minute piece on Boris Johnson on You Tube. A good way to negotiate the transition from the UK to the USA. It’s both hilarious and scary. Worth a google especially for people in the UK or indeed USA if you’ve not already seen it.

Last night, along with the You Tube recommendation I enjoyed fabulous hospitality from my cousin and her family. Among other things I was so grateful for this very English comfort to set me on my way 👆🏼

In the meantime, I’m about to board my first flight, and hoping that my plan of travelling anti-clockwise in order to avoid too much jet lag will work out…

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