Aller en retour

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I return to the house,
heart blue with questions,
parce que, je n’était pas vraiment là
pour Céline -
même si j’ai prié.
Could I have been there more?
I am sad, because I was better
at being there
when we were younger.
(In this way, I appear
to have grown down
instead of up.)
Mais, actuellement, maintenant,
quand j’ai vu les photos -
ses beaux amis, sa famille si gentille,
ses copines fidèles,
sa vie vraiment pleine de lumière,
d’amour; d’amusement, de foi -
Je suis heureuse.
I am content,
because it was never about me,

I return to the house,
My hands are blood red -
guilty with raspberries
we often forgot to water.
Blessed are those who mourn, for
they will be comforted.
Those who go out mourning
with seed to sow
will return,
carrying sheaves with them.

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