One minute

One minute to be still and breathe. A good minute:

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You, now, are light

A chant, with a random quiet hum at the start which I didn’t realise it would record! I wonder whether this link will work…?:

The thing that strikes me about this short text this morning (it’s from Ephesians 5.8 in the Bible), is the confidence of it, and that it’s stated as fact; “You once were darkness but now you are light”. I’m also struck by how it’s talking about modes of being. It doesn’t say, “You once walked in darkness”, or “You once were like darkness”, or “You once were blinded by darkness”. It says “You once were darkness”. That’s a pretty powerful statement. And equally powerful is the strong assertion “but now you are light”.


Te Anau, South Island, New Zealand

There are some things that give time back to me

And others that steal it away,

Like a thief in the night.

My friend’s hospital appointments with all the -ologists,

Stealing the life they are so carefully trying to save.

My latest contract for work that I don’t really believe in,

Which I’m doing to put bread on the table.

I have the impression that these things are robbing us of life?

I strike a match

The candle is lit

We let the silence fall.

Disturbed waters still.

I hear a bird sing in the distance,

Breathe in the delicate aroma of my tea,

Hands warmed by the mug.

My shoulders drop, burden loosening;

Nous sommes arrivés

We have arrived;

Brought back to ourselves

Here there is life, healing, peace.

Here, the present that was always ours to live is ours once again.