Mirrorball 🪩

My friend Sally Livsey recently shared this picture along with a revelation that has come to her while travelling:

« I heard the long beep of a car horn and it sounded like a cello tuning up before a concert. Two different stories arise in my mind from this single experience…
Surely we can choose between stories?
Perhaps today I will go with the cello; calling out from literal experience to the silent violins of my heart.

« I need the whole orchestra, to walk into this day fully awake; before the mystery that God is infinitely in love with me. »

As soon as I read this, a song popped into my head. I have sung this song to God and heard God singing it to me as well. It’s as though we sing it to one another, over and over. There have been moments in my life where « everything has changed » in this most beautiful of ways. The ordinary is revealed in all its unspeakable miraculousness. And today was a good time for me to be reminded of the miraculous, and of Love, in the midst of difficult and intractable worries relating to what is happening in the world and to the people I love the most.

When someone beeps their horn at us, may we somehow manage to hear the cello…

Mirrorball, by elbow (Seldom Seen Kid)

Lyrics here: https://g.co/kgs/SLcnP8

Thanks, Sally.

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